Our solutions are

  • predominantly publicly procured Framework contracts providing demonstrable value for money, ease of access and legal compliance without the risks and delays associated with traditional public procurement
  • specified by our Team and customers with the facility to adjust specifications to meet individual and specific needs
  • contracted and priced to provide high levels of cost predictability, control and transparency with the minimum of administrative burden
  • free and easy to access, our Frameworks are available via direct selection or mini-competition where further value is likely, and all rates are inclusive of our operating costs
  • high performing, well managed and provide a range of contractor choices

Our solutions are available to you in an easy to access format which we recommend you view in full screen.

The Services Directory provides essential information about our organisation, our solutions and how to make the best of the services we make available. With the inclusion of guidance notes and reference information, it is designed to make your experience of using EP as easy as possible. Of course, if you need support you should never hesitate to call our team directly, but we are hoping that this document puts most of the things you need literally at your fingertips.