Those wishing to use our Frameworks are required to become Members of EP. We operate two Membership options: Direct Access and Owner Membership.

Direct Access Membership

Direct Access Membership is now our most popular access route, providing the simplest way to join. This route provides the same level of access to EP Frameworks and solutions as is afforded to Owner Members, with access being granted under a Direct Access Membership Agreement.

Direct Access Memberships are attractive to organisations not wishing or able to become involved in the Governance of EP and are particularly attractive to complex organisations, contracting or service providing joint ventures, or those seeking a lean governance solution.

Owner Membership

Owner Members have rights and responsibilities to appoint directors to the Board of, and to otherwise direct, EP’s business.

Upon joining, Members declare and agree that the role of the Board shall be to manage the business for the benefit of the Members. EP accepts and acknowledges that the Members shall at all times have a power of decisive influence over our strategic objectives and significant decisions. To this end, Members are required to participate in General Meetings and it is open to the Members from time to time to pass a resolution, in accordance with the Articles directing the Board Members.

Full details of Membership options are available upon request.

EP Funding Arrangements

EP is not for profit, there are no joining fees for either Associate or Owner Members. Our Framework rates are inclusive of all costs to procure and manage our services.

Get in touch using the contact form to find out more about becoming a direct access or full member