Windows, Doors & Roofline


Providing a comprehensive survey, supply and installation service and survey and supply only service of UPVC windows, composite doors, fire doors, roofline and rainwater products.

Framework Detail

Order / Project Scale & Type Small (10 properties) to large (2000+ properties) delivered on a project basis by any one or up to seven contractors at the clients choice
Mini Competition Yes
Direct Selection Yes
No Of Contractors Five
Framework Type Partnering Multi Contractor Framework, with Licence arrangements for clients
Subordinate Contracts Not necessary but available for unusual projects
TUPE Enabled Yes, a facility to manage inward and outward TUPE transfers is included
Commercial Arrangements EP framework rates, maximising choice and transparency
Flexibility Supply and Installation of windows, doors and roofline, or supply only of windows and doors. Clients can order any or all three elements
Delivery Process The Eastern Procurement Rolling Delivery System (RDS) – This unique system is designed to deliver maximum project control to our member.
Time To Access Immediate Licence Arrangement
Framework Start Date October 2017
Framework End Date October 2021
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Quality This framework was evaluated on the basis of 70% price and 30% quality, which can be adjusted via mini-competition to suit your specific requirements.
Coverage This framework provides national coverage
References Specification, Pricing and Contractor references are easily obtainable by request.
Annual Charge There is no joining fee or annual charge attached to the usage of this framework.
Membership Fee Membership to Eastern Procurement is also free of charge for both of our membership options.


  • Framework Overview
    As with all Eastern Procurement products and services, this framework features an incredible specification. It is easily accessible for all our members to enjoy and utilise as and when they require it. Whether that is for a one off programme of works or a scheduled planned improvements programme, it is designed to match each individual bespoke requirement
Why Use Us                                                             
Our supply partnering contractors are pre-qualified and accredited in their area of expertise. They have met and surpassed our very stringent minimum requirements standard, guaranteeing the highest quality technical specialists whilst delivering exceptional value for money.

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Our Service
Our Frameworks are designed to make a real difference to our public sector members. Designed around their everyday needs and requirements, bringing with them genuine and measurable value for money efficiencies without compromising on specification, choice or compliance.

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