Introduction To DSL – AS

Eastern Procurement is currently working on supplying yet another cost effective solution which covers the supplies, services and specialists required and used in conjunction with Asset Management.

The pin notice is available for your perusal here:

Thank you for your interest in this Dynamic Supplier List for Asset Solutions opportunity, run by Eastern Procurement Limited (EP).

The concept of this agreement is one that is likely to be familiar to you. We are creating an approved suppliers list, covering a number of commodities, to both the housing sector and the public sector at large, which is compliant with the Public Contract Regulations 2015.

The 15 lots include a range of Supplies, Services and Works that cover a large portion of the operational requirements for public sector assets whether these are land, buildings, equipment, people or finances.

Opportunities for Smaller Contractors 

Work is anticipated generally to be locally delivered and may be in smaller parts than previously delivered through EP frameworks, which gives greater opportunities for SME’s to get involved in working with the Authorities.

Due to the diverse geographical area Eastern Procurement covers, suppliers may select the areas they wish to operate in. For example a supplier working solely in Essex is unlikely to want to see opportunities in Lincolnshire but may wish to see opportunities in neighbouring areas. This will be supplier controlled during the life of the agreement so does not restrict opportunities later.
Where the lot category is very broad, division may also be by specialisms eg Consultancy may be sub categorised into distinct work streams eg management consultants, quality surveyors, architects etc

Furthermore, the minimum criteria for qualification for the Dynamic Purchasing System are set at an accessible level to facilitate access for smaller contractors.

Opportunities for Medium and Larger Contractors

Some opportunities at tender stage, may have increased minimum requirements dependent on the value or complexity/risk factor of the tender eg as the value of work increases minimum financial thresholds on turnover, insurance levels etc may increase as well as requirements on certification.

EP also retain an option to expand this arrangement to areas across the UK through the life of the agreement, particularly where members of EP have holdings outside of the core area and wish to manage all similar work under a single agreement.

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System? 

This tender utilises a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), which prequalifies a number of contractors who are then eligible to bid for the subsequent tender opportunities linked to the agreement.

There will be no minimum or maximum number of contractors qualifying for any lot, if a contractor fulfils the minimum criteria threshold required, they would have access to bid on subsequent tenders.

The DPS is set to 8 years in length. Contractors able to join at any point, which will allow the contractor lists to be refreshed over the life of the agreement.

Tenders under the Dynamic Purchasing System will be let on a provider-by-provider basis unless otherwise notified, and via a competitive tender procedure only – no direct selection of contractors is available.

Applying for the Dynamic Purchasing System 

In order to apply for this opportunity it is advised you read the minimum requirements carefully, understand the ways the agreement and further competitions will work, and what you need to deliver in terms of both the specification and preliminaries.

Where any issues are identified the Prequalification clarification period should be used to ensure additional information could be provided to assist in your bid. Due to the nature of EU level procurements we cannot accept caveated bids, or exceptions to the pricing or contract terms, or letters claiming such, once the tender return date passes. Please ensure any issues are raised as a clarification before this point so that these can be considered and appropriate action taken if required.

Eastern Procurement would like to take the opportunity to wish you well with your application

Lot 7 – Insulation

Lot 9 – Electrical Work

Lot 20 – Consultancy

Lot 23 – Cleaning and Clearing

Lot 26 – Grounds Maintenance

Lot 29 – Waste and Recycling