Why EP – First choice for value for money

Let me guess, you’re a housing or public building professional and you’re in search of value for money.¬†You’re trying to decide whether to procure yourself, or use one of the many framework solutions that are out there.

If your main questions include: getting the job done, quickly, easily, with the least fuss, demonstrable value for money, measured high performance and quality with a range of contractors you can trust, then you’re in the right place.

If you want a hands off, buy and forget supermarket solution, then perhaps we are not the answer. We work with and for our clients to ensure they all get what they want from procurement through us and get what they deserve in contract.

Joining as an associate member will give you full access to our frameworks and no, you’re not missing out on anything. Its quick and easy, being done via doc-sign our electronic contract solution.

Using our frameworks guarantees that you’ve got the OJEU and UK procurement bit covered off.

By providing us some summary info our benchmarking service will demonstrate to you (and your colleagues) that VFM can be found quickly, easily and is robust and reliable.

Our multiple contractor frameworks provide choice and resilience to any solution, keeping our risks low, very low. How else could you get through a contractor insolvency with so little pain and still meet budget and delivery targets?

Since 2007, Eastern Procurement has been procuring more and better for less, continuously improving, attracting new customers and most importantly, delivering value-for-money. We involve our Members and their residents in designing our solutions.

If you’re interested in talking, call the office, or email us and we’ll call you. We are pragmatic people people and for us, its all about getting the job done.

Steve Tyree, Managing Director, Eastern Procurement Ltd.