Norwich City Services Opportunities

Norwich City Council (NCC) and Eastern Procurement (EPL) will be running tenders on behalf of NCC’s new wholly-owned company.

Norwich City Services has been set up by NCC to deliver their environmental services and building repairs, as their arrangement with Norse comes to an end.

This is an excellent opportunity to work alongside this new company as it delivers vital services to the city.

These tenders will be advertised by both the council and EPL through their online procurement portals in the coming months.

Norwich City Council are an Owner Member of Eastern Procurement Limited (EPL), a not-for-profit provider of professional procurement and contract management services.

In order that Norwich City Services can deliver the essential services required by Norwich City Council and its citizens, EPL are assisting NCC by procuring a wide variety of contracts on its behalf.

In order to receive the tender documents you will need to check that you are registered on BOTH systems using the links here and here.

Once registered, you will be notified of the opportunities in the next few months and you will receive automatic notifications of any future opportunities.

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