£65m Property Improvements Tender – Kitchens, Bathrooms, Rewires, Repointing, Repairs, Voids

Leigh-Anne Franklin, Procurement and Business Assurance Manager, Eastern Procurement, today announced the launch of a most significant tender opportunity.

This exciting new Property Improvements, Repairs and Voids Framework replaces our two successful Property Improvements and Responsive Repairs and Voids Frameworks with one comprehensive single property Framework. “We plan to appoint between 5 and 8 contractors to this Framework and it will be the core solution for the growing needs of our membership organisations”

This framework will enable contractors to secure work with our social housing and other members via Direct Award or Mini-Competition with contract and order durations of up to 4 years. Work will include Kitchen, Bathroom, Rewiring, Repointing and other improvements alongside potential responsive Repairs, Maintenance and Void Property Improvements opportunities.

Spend is likely to be in the order of £65m over the life of the Framework and as such this tender represents a most significant of all property maintenance opportunities in the East of England this year.

To apply please visit our contractor portal to apply.

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