Heating Installation

The delivery and installation of full central heating systems, boiler and heating replacements in all fuel types including comprehensive customer care and resident choices.

Order / Project Scale & Type Small (10 properties) to large (2000+ properties) delivered on project basis by any one or up to 3 contractors at the clients choice
Mini Competition? Yes
Direct Selection Yes
Framework Types Partnering Multi-Client, Multi Contractor Framework
Subordinate Contracts Not required but available for unusual projects
TUPE Enabled? Yes, a facility to manage inward and outward TUPE transfers is included
Commercial Arrangements Options to use Lump-Sum, Composite and / or Schedules of Rates.
Resident Choices Radiator positions and boiler locations
Delivery Process The EP Rolling Delivery System, providing clients with maximum budget control and contractors with low-risk delivery.
Flexibilities Choice of boiler manufacturer, type and system design
Time to access <2 weeks

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