Eastern Procurement – Our Story

Eastern Procurement was founded in 2006 and commenced its first procurement the following year in 2007. With just seven founder members sharing a simple goal of procuring collectively to secure the greatest measurable value for money achievable.

Now with 21 members, Eastern Procurement is the largest consortium in the East Of England. Continuing to improve and develop a full, comprehensive range of services to meet our members’ diverse requirements through the framework structures we provide.

We are fully compliant with the legislation and regulation that govern our specialist area of procurement and now with ten more year’s experience, you can trust that we not only deliver the quality care our members expect from us but also ensure our frameworks meet each specific member prerequisite.

Our ambition is to progress further by increasing the range of services we offer and the depth and spread of our current geographical coverage. Our members are becoming more diverse with differing needs and requirements, which enables us to serve a wider range of communities from major cities to suburban and rural regions.

Delivering a full, end-to-end procurement process and appreciating the value through the life of the agreement, your team will be provided with active on-going contract management, managed supply chains and supplier performance analysis.

We aim to make sure that every member achieves the high quality levels of service and value for money it deserves regardless of size or diversity. Our frameworks deliver flexibility, which can be used for bespoke projects of any size. Likewise they can be used to provide the every day needs and requirements of any stock holding authority. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the right solution can be effortlessly obtained and freely available.

Strategically procuring and managing a collection of framework agreements for the exclusive use of our members, we deliver value for money works and service contracts, which are of the highest quality and fully compliant with UK and EU regulations.