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Six benefits of joining Eastern Procurement:

  1. Time saving – using frameworks designed with member input, Eastern Procurement cuts months out of the procurement timetable
  2. Cost saving – utilising the geography and aggregated volumes of work, we deliver savings on previous contract costs to our members
  3. Continued support – as one of the few consortia offering a full procurement cycle service, we support members throughout the process
  4. Flexible approach – our frameworks are fully customisable to fully reflect your needs
  5. Social value – through agreements, we deliver social value for your clients e.g. special projects in the community and apprenticeships
  6. Peace of mind – we manage the supply chain so you don’t need to, ensuring contractors meet the grade.

Membership of Eastern Procurement gives us ready access to frameworks, which reduces the time, cost and complexity of undertaking major procurement processes ourselves – Darryl Cox – Victory Housing Trust

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