Since 2007, we at Eastern Procurement have been procuring more and better for less, continuously improving, attracting new customers and most importantly of all, delivering value-for-money.

We developed from an idea in 2006, to a contractual consortium in 2007, and became a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in January 2013. We have done much, and we have done it well.

Our primary market, the social housing sector, is currently under increased financial pressure and because we are in the value creating business, we have responded fast to a rapidly changing environment. We are ready for the procurement challenges and opportunities this presents. Our frameworks deliver significant improvements in cost, quality and performance.

We are going to increase our range of frameworks, the depth and spread of our geographical coverage. We will make provision for the potential for other sectors to access our new frameworks, and once established, look to develop the market and new business opportunities in new areas.

“During the last three years Norwich City Council has procured works through various Eastern Procurement contract frameworks in support of its social housing planned improvement programme. The robust EU compliant procurement processes conducted by EP have led to the appointment of reputable suppliers who have been able to deliver our works at the right price, right time and right quality whilst taking into consideration the needs of our tenants and leaseholders. We have found the contract frameworks efficient and easy to use which has in turn reduced the amount of resources required to conduct procurement exercises. We look forward to working with EP in the future to develop more opportunities.”  Robin Hare MCIPS
 Strategic Contract & Procurement Manager Norwich City Council